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Cohort Graduation Rate

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2007-08 Informational Cohort Graduation Rate

On June 29, 2009, ODE produced a No Child Left Behind (Informational) Cohort Graduation Rate based on the 2007-08 cohort (i.e. students who first entered high school in 2004-05). The Informational Cohort Graduation Rate for 2007-08 will not be used in accountability calculations and is provided to districts for information purposes only.

Below you will find the Informational Cohort Graduation Rate Excel Spreadsheet for Oregon schools and districts. Please review the User Guide PDF for details on how to read and understand the data. And please be aware that this is un-validated data that is informational only and will not be used for accountability. This data is designed to give districts a preview of the model that will be used to calculate next year’s graduation rate.

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