Oregon Department of Education

Reading Performance Assessment Practice Tasks

The Oregon Department of Education provides Reading Performance Assessment Practice Tasks to demonstrate the types of reading selections and questions high school students might respond to as part of a local performance assessment to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skill of reading.

Beginning with the Class of 2012, high school students must demonstrate proficiency in several Essential Skills in order to receive an Oregon high school diploma. For the Essential Skill of reading, students must attain a score of 236 on the OAKS Assessment of Reading and Literature or demonstrate their proficiency through an alternate means.

Several alternate assessment options will be approved by the State Board of Education, including national tests such as the ACT/PLAN, SAT/PSAT, COMPASS, ASSET, WorkKeys, and others. In addition, districts may establish local performance assessments such as the ones exemplified in the Practice Reading Performance Assessment Tasks which would then be scored with the official Oregon Reading Performance Assessment Scoring Guide.

Practice tasks represent both literary and informative reading selections students might see both in school and other daily reading activities.

The Practice Reading Performance Assessments may not be used for purposes of certifying proficiency in the essential skill of reading for the diploma.