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Physical Education - 2007 House Bill 3141 PE Requirements

Physical Education

Curriculum and Instruction
The Governor signed the 2007 House Bill 3141 requiring K-5 students receive physical education 150 minutes per week and students in grades 6-8 receive 225 minutes. The instruction needs to be a sequential, developmentally appropriate curriculum that is designed, implemented, and evaluated to help students develop the knowledge, motor skills, self-management skills, attitudes, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physical activity throughout their lives. At least 50% of the physical education class time is to be actual physical activity with as much time as possible spent in moderate physical activity.

Every school district is to be in compliance by the 2017-18 school year.

House Bills, Laws (ORS), and Rules (OAR) Related to Physical Education and Health

Legislative Reports
This report is required by the 2007 House Bill 3141, enacted by the Oregon Legislature, and signed by the Governor in 2007.

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