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KIDS History

Pre-K Through Grade 16 Integrated Data Systems

KIDS Phase III - Statewide Rollout
This page contains historical documents regarding earlier phases of the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) program when it was known as the KIDS Pre-K Through Grade 16 Integrated Data System project. These documents are historical and shouldn't be relied on for the current state of the project. For current information see the Regional Data Warehouse Providers page.

  • KIDS Phase II - Pilot Project

    KIDS Phase II project was a four districts pilot implementation of K-12 Integrated data System. The pilot districts were Portland School District, Beaverton School District, Hillsboro School District, and Eugene 4J School District.

    This phase was successfully implemented in July 2007. As of September 2007, the project team is scheduling demonstrations of the new OSTX (Oregon Student Transcript Exchange) application to the pilot districts.

  • KIDS Phase I - Assessment Activities

    The Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 16 (PK-16) Integrated Data System (KIDS) project is developing comprehensive data systems encompassing the entire Oregon Education System. Throughout Oregon there are a significant number of data centers serving School and Education Service Districts, ranging from custom packages installed in only one district to systems serving dozens of districts.