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National Board of Certified Teachers National Board Certification concentrates education reform in the classroom-where teaching and learning takes place. National Board Certification is a demonstration of a teacher's practice as measured against high and rigorous standards.

Equally important, the National Board Certification process, requiring intense self-reflection and analysis of one's own practice, is a forceful professional development experience. Having measured their practice against the highest standards for the profession, teachers say that their teaching is resultantly more focused, reflective, and confident. Teachers speak eloquently about how the experience produces deeper student learning outcomes in classrooms. They are strengthened in their practice and emerge from the experience with a lasting commitment to professional growth.

Offered on a voluntary basis and valid for 10 years, the advanced system of National Board Certification complements, but does not replace, state licensing. Each state, school district and school decides how best to capitalize on the National Board Certification process and the expertise of National Board Certified Teachers as it designs instructional arrangements to promote student learning and support professional practice.

Although the process is rigorous and time consuming, it provides a personal focus on teaching and learning that teachers report is the best professional development of their careers. To learn more about what's involved, visit http://www.nbpts.org.

Financial assistance is available for teachers throughout Oregon to help offset the $2,500 fee (plus a $65 application fee) to pursue National Board Certification. Once a teacher has paid the initial $500 fee, his or her name is automatically added to the list to receive a $1,250 federal fee subsidy. The remaining $750 must be paid by January 31st of the year following your application.

Candidates for National Board Certification are not required to attend any classes or join a support program, but most find it helpful to do so. There are limited support options for teachers in Oregon. Support may be available in your area through the Oregon NBCT Network. Contact Gina Wilde eMail, NBCT, for more information.

Information about online support programs is available at http://www.education.wsu.edu/certification/nbpts/ and http://www.nuptdc.org.

Take One!, another offering from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, allows teachers to experience one part of the certification process before committing to full candidacy. Schools are using Take One! to create professional learning communities and as a strategy for school-wide improvement in teaching and learning.

For additional information, visit http://www.nbpts.org or call 1-800 22TEACH, or contact Kay Garcia eMail, NBCT, NBPTS Regional Outreach Director.

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