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This page provides state and federal guidance regarding implementation of Title II-A and highly qualified teacher (HQT) requirements.


On this page districts will find resources to support conducting a Needs Assessment.

ODE Guidance

  • Webinar PowerPoint Power Point Presentation   05/13/2014 (2.99 MB)
    The webinar that was held on May 12, 2014 outlined the requirements for IIA applications, discussed allowable activities and equitable services to private schools, and discussed changes to the application for 2014-15.
  • Budget Narrative Instructions PDF   08/05/2014 (1003.92 KB)
    This information is intended to help district personnel complete the Title II, Part A section of the Budget Narrative for federal funding.
  • Title II-A Cliff Notes PDF   04/28/2014 (505.66 KB)
    This document provides a brief summary of Title II-A.
  • Allowable Activities - Title II-A and Educator Effectiveness Systems PDF   04/22/2014 (448.70 KB)
  • Allowable Activities - Title II-A and CCSS PDF   04/22/2014 (499.70 KB)
  • Carryover Guidance PDF   10/22/2014 (501.23 KB)
    This document provides information about the use of carryover funds for Title II, Part A.
  • Increasing the Effectiveness of Professional Learning PDF   07/29/2014 (882.13 KB)
    Effective professional development depends upon the quality of planning, implementation and evaluation. Within this guide, planning, implementation and evaluation are presented in steps with research-based information and tools and worksheets that can be used to develop a professional development plan, ensure implementation, and evaluate results.

Federal Guidance

Private Schools

  • USDE Equitable Services Webinar  External Link  
    This webinar, presented on May 29th, addressed the obligations of (SEAs and LEAs in providing for the equitable participation of private school teachers in Title II, Part A programs. Topics included: the requirements of LEAs to conduct timely and meaningful consultation about Title II, Part A and the participation of private school teachers; expenditures for equitable services; the delivery of equitable services; allowable program activities; and frequently-asked Title II, Part A questions.
  • Title II-A Private School Equitable Participation Guidelines PDF   04/22/2014 (86.01 KB)
  • Title II-A Equitable Service Worksheet Excel Spreadsheet   08/28/2014 (45.50 KB)

  • Sarah Martin Email    (503) 947-5668
    Educator Effectiveness - Ed. Specialist, Instructional Resources

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