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Oregon is required by the U. S. Department of Education to develop a plan for increasing the number of highly qualified teachers as well as improving the equitable distribution of highly qualified and effective teachers amongst all schools.

Oregon's Plan

  • Oregon Equity Plan, 11-12-15 PDF   03/07/2016 (9.59 MB)
  • 2012 Oregon Equity Plan PDF   05/14/2012 (400.17 KB)
  • 2010 Oregon Equity Plan PDF   06/28/2010 (337.43 KB)
    Oregon is committed to the goal that all students are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college, work, and citizenship. The purpose of the Oregon Equity Plan is to ensure that poor and minority children, and children attending low-performing schools, are not taught at higher rates by inexperienced, less qualified and out-of-field teachers than other children.
  • Oregon's State HQT Plan PDF   06/07/2012 (777.27 KB)
    The Oregon Department of Education (ODE), in collaboration with the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC), has worked diligently to achieve the goal that every core content class will be taught by HQ staff.

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