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In 2002, the career-related learning standards (CRLS) were adopted as a requirement for graduation in 2007. Like the Essential Skills, the CRLS are foundational skills that prepare students for post high school success. They are applied across the curriculum and in a variety of settings. Proficiency levels and assessments, however, are determined locally.

Merger of CRLS and Essential Skills

Given the degree of overlap, and the potential record keeping burden and confusion of requiring two sets of similar and overlapping skills, the Essential Skills Task Force recommended merging the Essential Skills and CRLS into one set of skills. In the merger, personal management/teamwork were added to the Essential Skills and it was determined that the remaining CRLS (career development and employment foundations) will be applied to other diploma requirements as follows:

Students will demonstrate the Career Development criteria through career guidance and development of their education plan and profile.
The Employment Foundations criteria applied to the career-related learning experiences (CRLE) would provide a set of learning goals for the CRLE.

The CRLS merged with the Essential Skills in 2012.

Related Resources

  • Career-Related Learning Standards and Extended Application Standard PDF   02/02/2005 (2.33 MB)
    This implementation guide contains assessment criteria, scoring guides for collections of evidence and resources and tools. The guide also includes "lessons learned" from pilot site teachers. These guidelines were developed for the CAM which may be used and/or modified for the diploma.
  • Career-Related Learning Standards and CCGs PDF   02/10/2003 (88.45 KB)
    The CRLS are aligned with the Career and Life Roles Common Curriculum Goals at grades 3, 5, 8, and 10.

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    The CRLS was part of the graduation requirements through the class of 2011. The CRLS merged with the Essential Skills in 2012.

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