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Personalized LearningThe education plan and profile assists students in pursuing their personal, educational, and career interests and post-high school goals. The education plan serves as a “road map” to guide students’ learning throughout school and prepare them for next steps after high school. The education profile serves as a “compass” that documents students’ progress and achievement toward their goals and helps them to stay on course.

The student is responsible, with guidance, to develop and manage his or her personal plan and profile. The school is responsible for providing a process and guidance to students. The process should begin no later than 7th grade and continue through 12th grade, with regular reviews and updates. The process should be designed with flexibility to allow students to change their plans as their personal and career interests and goals evolve along the way.

Plan & Profile Resources

  • Education Plan & Profile (2008) PDF   06/15/2011 (275 KB)
    This document outlines the purpose and components of the Education Plan and Profile (EPP), and includes a sample EPP.

  • Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
    Each school district in Oregon is expected to have a comprehensive guidance and counseling program (CGC) in place to support students' transitions throughout school, achievement of the diploma requirements, and preparation for post-high school next steps. Comprehensive guidance and counseling is an integral part of the school support system that advances high quality learning opportunities. Comprehensive guidance and counseling programs promote successful transitions by providing opportunities for each student to acquire and master critical academic, career, personal/social, and community involvement skills. These skills enable each student to learn, to work, to interact with others, and to contribute.

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