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Home Schooling

This page contains helpful contact information related to home schooling including ESD Home School web page links, ESD resources, and a list of qualified, registered home school testers.

Registering as a Home Schooler

Home schoolers must be registered with their local Education Service District (ESD). Registration must occur within 10 days of withdrawal from public school. To register your child for home schooling, contact your ESD representative from the list below.

  • ESD Contact List, rev. 7-29-16 Excel Spreadsheet  07/29/2016 (11.43 KB)
    Get in touch with your ESD to register for Home School by using the provided links to your ESD's Home School web pages and contact emails. ESD Home School web pages also can provide valuable information in your Home Schooling experience.
  • ESD Home School Web Pages MS-Word   07/30/2015 (61 KB)
    Visit your ESD's web page for more information on Home School forms, gathered resources and documentation for your area.   This page contains links to each ESD's Home School web page.

Testing Home Schoolers

How do I become an approved home school tester?

To be added to the approved home school tester list, please send a letter to this office indicating your desire to be added to the list. Include your contact information and the counties in which you would be willing to test. You also need to include evidence that you have met one of the following requirements:

A "Qualified person" is an individual who:

(A) Holds a current personnel service license or teaching license from Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission; or
(B) Has been licensed by the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners; or
(C) Has met the publisher's qualifications for purchase, and has purchased at least one of the approved tests; or
(D) Provides evidence of satisfactory completion of a graduate course in which test administration and interpretation is included in the objective; or
(E) Has previously qualified as an Oregon home school tester, and has during the previous year administered at least one of the approved tests.

For example, if you have a current Oregon personnel service or teaching license, then you would send a copy of your license with your request. If you qualify because you have met the publisher’s qualifications for purchase and purchased at least one of the approved tests, you would submit evidence that the publisher has approved you and evidence of the test you purchased.

Once on the list, you will be sent an update form each year and asked to return it by April 1. If the form is not returned, your name will be removed from the list and you will have to re-apply.

  • Home School Testers, Public List, 2016 Excel Spreadsheet   08/30/2016 (100.50 KB)
    This list is updated as testers provide new contact information to the ODE Home School Staff.
    Please take a moment to make sure your information is current. If you need to make changes, please contact Donna Newbeck.

  • Robert Salazar Email    (503) 947-5981
    Standards and Instructional Support - Education Program Specialist
  • Donna Newbeck Email    (503) 947-5814
    Government & Legal Affairs - Office Specialist (Charter Schools)