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Partnership  Projects
The following four Oregon initiatives are working closely together to ensure the success of a statewide data system. Collectively, the projects provide the direction and professional development necessary to develop a system that meets the needs of all educational stakeholders.

The Teaching Learning Connection (TLC) External Link

The Teaching Learning Connection provides a statewide framework of tools, processes, and support that help districts and schools implement effective school practices. The Data- Driven Decision- Making training developed and offered through TLC forms the foundation of the professional development training offered through the DATA Project.

The Oregon DATA Project External Link

The Oregon DATA Project, a three-year, $4.7 million initiative funded by federal education dollars, is a statewide initiative designed to improve student achievement through informed use of data. The DATA Project is launching a multi-tiered program of professional development focused on teaching educators how to collect, analyze and use appropriate data. The three main training strands designed for the project will provide statewide training and support for data-driven decision-making.

The Longitudinal Growth Model

The Growth Model is a $1.8 million initiative to develop a system to track the learning progress and growth of individual students over time. The Growth Model provides a multi-dimensional view of student achievement: it measures and reports on individual student’s growth across grades. It will also analyze what has happened in the past in order to anticipate student performance in the future.

KIDS: a PK-16 Integrated Data System

KIDS is a statewide system that is integrating different student information systems from across the state into a common data warehouse. KIDS will provide the Oregon Department of Education and districts with a single, accurate, and authoritative student data system for the entire state, allowing seamless storage, access, and data transfer between districts and the state. The $8.3 million project, funded by the 2005 Legislature, is on track for fully implementing its data warehouse system in fall of 2009.

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