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Resources & Links

Please note that inclusion of the following external web links does not imply endorsement of either the reliability of the information presented or its suitability for a particular age group or grade level.

Instructional Materials

  • 4Teachers  External Link  
    This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Discover valuable professional development resources addressing issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students.
  • Oregon School Library and Information Systems (OSLIS)    
    A website designed for K-12 students and educators integrating information literacy with access to licensed databases.
  • Top Most Used Educational Technology Resources PDF   05/28/2008 (29.61 KB)

Software Reviews

  • California Learning Resource Network  External Link  
    This website, designed as a resource to help educators identify electronic learning resources, allows you to search for software by program title, subject area, grade level, and several other criteria.
  • The Review Zone  External Link  
    This website offers reviews of CD ROM materials in all major content areas as well as a "best of" list.

Museums / Virtual Field Trips

  • American Museum of Natural History  External Link  
    This site offers interactive tours of several changing exhibits.
  • Field Museum  External Link  
    The Field Museum has a wide variety of on-line exhibits including a pictographic timeline and history of Sue, the largest, most complete and well-preserved T.Rex.
  • Museum of Modern Art  External Link  
    A selection of works from each of MOMA's exhibits (Painting & Sculpture, Drawings, Photographs, Architecture & Design and Film & Video) is available on this site, some with audio commentary. Under "Educational Resources" you'll find Art Safari, a program that allows students to examine a piece of artwork and answer question prompts that help them look for clues about what's happening in the artwork and write a story about what they see.
  • Museum of Paleontology  External Link  
    The mission of the University of California Museum of Paleontology is to investigate and promote the understanding of the history of life and the diversity of the Earth's biota through research and education. Exhibits on Phylogeny (the study of the "family tree of life") and Geologic Time can be found on this site based at UC Berkeley, as well as classroom activities and lessons and teacher resources.
  • Museum of Science and Industry  External Link  
    The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago offers on-line exhibits in earth, life and physical science, some of which incorporate video and animation.
  • National Air and Space Museum  External Link  
    This site offers comprehensive permanent and temporary on-line exhibits on flight and space. Two of the museum's online galleries, Exploring the Planets and How Things Fly, feature science activities for the classroom
  • National Civil Rights Museum  External Link  
    This web site offers a virtual tour of the National Civil Right Museum located in Atlanta. The museum presents a timeline of the civil rights struggle relating to African-Americans and concentrating on the seminal events of the 1950s and 1960s including the Brown Vs. the Board of Education and the use of the National guard to enforce that decision in Little Rock, Arkansas. Also included are "The Voices of Struggle", short biographies of individuals who worked to affect positive changes in civil rights.
  • National Gallery of Art  External Link  
    The National Gallery lets users view its collection in a unique way, providing full screen images as well as detailed close-ups of objects from several viewpoints. Over 150 teaching resources are loaned free of charge to educational institutions, and these programs are designed to meet national standards in the visual arts. This site also features "NGA Kids" which offers kids the opportunity to explore and learn about pieces in the museum's collection.
  • National Museum of American History  External Link  
    This web site offers online exhibitions, behind-the-scenes glimpses into our collections, and an overview of Museum programs and activities. Using the Web site, you can plan your visit to the Museum or go on a virtual tour from your home.
  • U.S. Holocaust Museum  External Link  
    A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum stimulates leaders and citizens to confront hatred, prevent genocide, promote human dignity, and strengthen democracy.

Oregon Professional Organizations

  • Association for Computer Professionals in Education  External Link  
    ACPE has served the educational community since 1965. ACPE provides a forum for educational information system professionals at all levels (Pre-K through Postsecondary) to share knowledge on current and emerging trends and technologies and their potential impact on network and computer services in education; to promote general recognition of the role computer professionals have in educational institutions; and to encourage appropriate use of information technology for the improvement of education.
  • Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE)  External Link  
    NCCE is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting effective uses of technology in education. In addition to hosting the largest educational technology conference in the Pacific Northwest, NCCE provides its members with resources and professional development opportunities throughout the year.
  • Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL)  External Link  
  • Oregon Technology in Education Council (OTEC)  External Link  
    The Oregon Council for Technology in Education is a non-profit grassroots organization of people dedicated to improving both informal and formal education at all educational levels. OTEC's Website is designed to serve Oregon, the United States, and the World. There is no cost to be an OTEC member.
  • Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum  External Link  
    The Organization for Educational Technology & Curriculum (OETC) is an incorporated not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to maximizing the value of educational technology to its members by working with software and hardware vendors to procure the most effective and appropriate technological resources at the lowest possible price.

National / International Professional Organizations

  • State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)  External Link  
    The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is the principal association representing the state directors for educational technology. SETDA’s goal is to improve student achievement through technology.
  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)  External Link  
    The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the trusted source for professional development, knowledge generation, advocacy, and leadership for innovation. A nonprofit membership organization, ISTE provides leadership and service to improve teaching, learning, and school leadership by advancing the effective use of technology in PK–12 and teacher education.
  • Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)  External Link  
    The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is the country’s premier voice for K-12 education leaders who use technology strategically to improve teaching and learning. CoSN provides products and services to support leadership development, advocacy, coalition building, and awareness of emerging technologies.

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