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Diploma At-a-Glance

Diploma At-a-Glance
In January of 2007, the State Board of Education voted to adopt new high school graduation requirements, and OARs were adopted in June 2008. These requirements are designed to better prepare each student for success in college, work, and citizenship.

To earn a diploma, students will need to successfully complete the credit requirements, demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills, and meet the personalized learning requirements. Students will also have the option to earn credit by demonstrating proficiency.

A phase-in schedule (2007 – 2014) has been created to allow students, families, schools and teachers to adequately prepare to meet these new requirements. The documents below provide a one-page summary of the graduation requirements based upon the year in which a student was first enrolled in Grade 9.

Please note: These are the minimum graduation requirements set by the state. Individual districts may have additional requirements. Please check with your school district to confirm your local graduation requirements.


Diploma Brochures - Translations

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The Oregon Department of Education has produced a brochure: “Moving Education Forward” which provides an overview of the Oregon Diploma changes. The brochure is available in print in English and electronically in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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