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Instructional Materials - Adopted Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials

Adopted Textbooks
Instructional materials on this list are reviewed using specific criteria and formally adopted by the State Board of Education. VIDEO CARAVAN LINKS ARE INCLUDED WITHIN EACH SUBJECT AREA.

Publishers and content providers have been developing materials that provide training and professional development to support existing materials as well as new forms of materials in the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

General Resources

Adopted Materials by Content Area

MATHEMATICS (2016-2022)

ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY (2015-2021) PDF   10/24/2014 (45.28 KB)


BRIDGE YEAR: ENGLISH/LANG ARTS & MATHEMATICS (thru 2013) PDF   09/13/2012 (191.72 KB)

Social Sciences (2012-2018) PDF   01/26/2012 (150.34 KB)

World Languages (2011-2017)

Mathematics Grades K-8 (2009-2015 & 2016)

The New K-8 Mathematics adopted Instructional Material offers teachers and administrators a chance to look at an approved list that has been evaluated by teachers looking and comparing to adopted criteria and our core standards.

Mathematics 9-12 (2010-2016)

Science K-12 (2010-2016)

Health Education and Physical Education (2008-2014)

English/Language Arts & English as a Second Language (2007-2013)

The Arts (2006-2012)

OAIM Viewing Site

The official Viewing Site is located at Hamersly Library at Western Oregon University, 345 N. Monmouth Ave Monmouth, OR 97361.

Robert Monge,
Education Librarian
(503) 838-8887
Robert Monge eMail

Additional Resources

Questions specific to a content area should be directed to: Mark Freed for Mathematics, Jamie Rumage for Science, Nicole Dalton for English Language Arts, Martha Martinez for English Language Proficiency. Their contact information is listed below.

  • Mark Freed Email    (503) 947-5610
    Common Core/College and Career Readiness - Education Program Specialist
  • Jamie Rumage Email    (503) 947-6504
    Common Core/College and Career Readiness - Education Program Specialist
  • Nicole Dalton Email    
    Secondary and Post Secondary Transitions - Education Program Specialist 2
  • Martha Martinez Email    (503) 947-5778
    Education Equity - Specialist, Ell/Bilingual Ed
  • For general questions regarding instructional materials, please contact:
    Vanessa Clark eMail (503) 947-5746
    College & Career Readiness, Administrative Specialist 2

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