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Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum is made up of the classes and instruction offered by a school or district. Oregon law grants districts the authority to develop their own curricula, provided that it is based on the academic content standards. These standards define what all students should know and be able to do. Curriculum and instruction designed around these standards should allow all students to be successful. If you have questions about the curriculum in which your child is engaged, talking with their classroom teacher and principal would be a good place to start.

  • Teaching and Learning Resources
    This site includes content background, lessons, and assessments matching the academic standards.
  • Textbooks
    Find the current list of adopted textbooks by content area, as well as the criteria and schedule for adoption.
  • Standards by Design
    Standards by Design lets you customize a standards document to meet your specific needs. Download, print and/or export the standards for an entire grade, or select several grades within the same subject to create a version of the standards that works for you.
  • Subjects
    Each subject area page includes information on content and performance standards (where applicable) as well as links to professional organizations and teaching resources.

  • Oregon K-12 Literacy Framework
    The purpose of the Oregon K -12 Literacy Framework is to ensure that all Oregon students read at grade level or above as soon as possible after entering school and that they progress at grade-level or above in content area reading throughout their school career.
  • Glossary of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Terms
    The glossary contains definitions for a variety of terms used across program areas.

Additional Links

  • Abstinence Education: What Works PDF   12/19/2002 (13.68 KB)
  • Challenging High-End Learners    
    The purpose of this statewide project is to provide Oregon educators with samples of differentiated curriculum across content areas, K-12, that challenge high-end learners while addressing the Oregon Standards and Benchmarks. Extensive resources and support materials, such as graphic organizers for use with a broad range of students, are included.
  • Healthy Kids: Keeping Safe - Curriculum Manual PDF   03/02/2006 (2.19 MB)
    This curriculum guide was developed for students in grades K-5. The goal of Healthy Kids: Keeping Safe is to provide students with accurate information about HIV disease and guide them in making responsible decisions to protect their health and the health of others both now and in the future.
  • Reading Lexiles    
    This website contains general information about reading lexiles as well as tools for educators and parents.

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