Oregon Department of Education

ESEA Federal Monitoring

Monitoring occurs when ODE staff conduct systematic review of program materials submitted by districts and provide a report on that review. Resources used for the review include the Title Program Monitoring Tool, the notebook dividers, and staff interviews in the case of onsite visits. Documents are submitted for a desk monitoring prior to any onsite visits. From the 20 districts selected for fall and spring desk monitoring, 5 to 7 are selected for onsite monitoring where teams will focus questions on areas of concern or those that require more documentation.

Those selected for an onsite monitoring visit from the desk monitoring in the fall will be visited the following spring. Similarly, those selected for an onsite visit from the desk monitoring in the spring will be visited the following fall.

The materials linked from this page are used for both desk monitoring and onsite monitoring visits.

2016-2017 Districts to be Monitored

Preparation for Monitoring


  • Common Compliance

  • CC-B: Comparability
    Complete by December 1st each year and keep on file in district office.

  • Russel Sweet Email    (503) 947-5638
    Federal Systems - Education Specialist
  • Ann Kaltenbach Email    (503) 947-5641
    Federal Systems - Office Specialist
  • Melinda Bessner Email    (503) 947-5626
    Federal Systems - Education Program Specialist