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This page contains information on Cosmetology Schools, Cosmetology Teachers, and Continuing Education.

Student Information

  • How to get Certified
    Information from the Board of Cosmetology on the certification process and what to expect after finishing cosmetology school.

Cosmetology School Licensure

The Cosmetology School license application packet which contains the materials necessary to file an application for approval to operate a private career school of barbering, hair design, esthetics, or nail technology in the State of Oregon can be found on the ODE web page Opening a Private Career School at http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=83.

Cosmetology School Forms

  • Practical Examination Certification Forms
    These forms can be obtained by contacting the Private Career Schools Licensing Unit. See contact information below.
  • Supplemental Information & Updates for Cosmetology Schools

Cosmetology Teachers

Cosmetology teachers are required to renew their registration every 36 months. All teacher registrations share a common expiration date of July 31st. In May of each year, the Department searches its database to determine which teacher registrations will expire on July 31st of the current year. Information is then mailed to the address of record notifying teachers that their registration is due to expire and what must be done to renew the registration. Teachers are responsible for notifying the Department of address and name changes.

The renewal fee, a copy of a current Oregon practitioner's license, and proof of completion of 30 clock-hours of approved continuing education must be returned with the renewal application. Please note that applicants must have a valid practitioner's license in a specialty area (barbering, hair design, esthetics, or nail technology). Contact the Oregon Board of Cosmetology or the Oregon Health Licensing Agency for details on how to obtain a practitioner's license.

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Natural Hair Care

    Continuing Education

    OAR 581-045-0200(23) requires cosmetology instructors to complete 30 clock hours every 36 months, of approved continuing education to maintain their instructors registration. The Private Career Schools (PCS) Licensing Unit approves courses for continuing education credit.

  • Approval Information
    Please review this document before submitting your information to the PCS Unit.

Oregon Rules and Laws

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