Oregon Department of Education

Assessment Options for Students with Disabilities

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  • Oregon's Alternate (Extended) Assessment
    Oregon's Extended Assessments are alternate assessments that are linked to grade level content standards. The Extended assessments measure the performance of students with significant cognitive disabilities against alternate performance standards.

  • Assessment Accessibility Supports
    In Oregon, the statewide assessment accessibility supports (formerly the Accommodations Tables) are available to all students--although the decision to apply them must be based on an evaluation of individual student need. There are accessibility supports tables for the Smarter Balanced assessment (i.e., ELA and Mathematics), OAKS assessment, Extended assessment, Kindergarten assessment, and the English Language Proficiency (ELPA) assessment. These tables explain and regulate the allowable supports for all students during the administration of assessments.

  • Students with disabilities will have greater access to the Oregon Statewide Assessment System at their appropriate instructional levels.