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English Language Learners (ELL) Test Administration

Three Children The primary purpose of the ELL Test Administration page is to assist educators, parents and students in understanding test options available to English Language Learners (ELL). It also provides direct links to related web sites and documents. Feedback on the usefulness of this site is greatly appreciated.

ELL Assessments
  • Sample Tests available in Spanish
    • Mathematics Sample Tests
      The Oregon Department of Education provides paper-pencil sample tests to demonstrate the content and types of questions students at grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and High School might encounter on the Oregon Statewide Mathematics (multiple-choice) Assessment administered each year.

Assessment Information
  • Test Administration Manual
    The Test Administration Manual outlines policies and procedures that all school and district staff involved in administration of the Oregon Statewide Assessments are required to know and understand before administering any Oregon Statewide Assessment.
  • Accommodations Manual
    In Oregon, the statewide assessment accessibility supports (formerly the Accommodations Tables) are available to all students--although the decision to apply them must be based on an evaluation of individual student need. The accessibility supports tables explain and regulate the allowable supports for all students during the administration of assessments.


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