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OAKS Online User Guides

OAKS Online User Guides:

    Test Administrator User Guide PDF   11/22/2016 (2.53 MB)
    The OAKS Online Test Administrator User Guide is designed to familiarize Test Administrators with the TA and Student Interfaces used to administer Smarter Balanced Mathematics and ELA, OAKS Science and Social Sciences, ELPA, and the Grade 12 OAKS Retests.

    OAKS TIDE User Guide PDF   11/29/2016 (1.86 MB)
    The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) manages users across all OAKS systems, including OAKS Online (for Smarter Balanced Mathematics and ELA, OAKS Science and Social Sciences, and the ELPA test session set-up and administration) and the OAKS Online Reporting System (for aggregate and individual student reporting). In addition, TIDE allows districts to enter student settings and place orders for paper-based Kindergarten Assessment. The TIDE User Guide provides a step-by-step approach to using TIDE.

    Reporting System User Guide PDF   01/04/2016 (3.98 MB)
    The Oregon Online Assessment Reporting System provides interactive online reports for authorized state-level representatives, district superintendents, principals, and personnel (teachers and administrators). The Reporting System provides authorized users with both Performance Reports and Participation Reports, resulting in a centralized reporting system.

    The Performance Reports allow authorized users to view institution, personnel, roster, and individual student reports in table and graph forms; manage rosters; and access integrated information from ODE’s SSID and OAKS Online systems. The Participation Reports provide authorized users with student testing status information. Authorized users can generate reports describing which students have and have not tested, as well as the testing activity for those students who have tested. (Note: The only source for official scores is the ODE Student Centered Staging application. Please note that in some districts, only the District Test Coordinator (DTC) will have access to Student Centered Staging. Information from OAKS Online Reporting System should only be viewed as preliminary information.)

    This interim version of the user guide describes the features of the Online Reporting System (ORS) for OAKS Online Science and Social Sciences assessments; ELPA; and Grade 12 OAKS retests in Math, Reading, and Writing. The final version of this user guide with information about Smarter Balanced reporting will be published on March 10, 2015 when the Smarter Balanced tests open in Oregon.

    Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing PDF   11/02/2016 (2.44 MB)
    This manual provides network administrators with information, tools, and recommended configuration details to help districts and schools prepare their networks for operational testing.

    Braille Requirements Manual PDF   10/31/2016 (1.35 MB)
    This manual provides information about supported hardware and software requirements for the Braille Interface of OAKS Online and how to configure JAWS. General information about administering a test to a student with a Braille accommodation and printing test material is also included. An updated manual will be published on or prior to March 10, 2015 when the Smarter Balanced tests open for Oregon students.

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