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This webpage is designed to provide resources specifically to help district and school staff administer the statewide Kindergarten Assessment. For more information about Oregon’s Kindergarten Assessment, visit Oregon's Early Learning System Website.


Beginning in fall 2013, school districts are implementing the new statewide Kindergarten Assessment in early literacy, early math and approaches to learning. The assessment is designed to focus on domains that are strongly linked to 3rd grade reading and future academic success as well as to align with current assessment practices in Oregon’s kindergarten and elementary schools. The information provides a snapshot for communities and schools on the fluency, numeracy, and approaches to learning skills that students have when they enter kindergarten. For more information on the research behind the measures, please consult the Kindergarten Assessment Summary Report PDF.

Statewide Kindergarten Assessment Data Reporting

Kindergarten Assessment Training

Kindergarten Content and Assessment Advisory Committee

  • 2015-16 Kindergarten Assessment Panel Recruitment PDF   09/02/2015 (27.96 KB)
    The Oregon Department of Education is recruiting for the Kindergarten Assessment Advisory Panel. This panel will calibrate items that were field tested this year, consider strategies for introducing an online Data Entry Interface, do work as needed with the results of the recent standards alignment, and review potential assessment items for future years. ODE is looking for experienced Kindergarten Teachers and Early Learning Providers who are familiar with Oregon’s Kindergarten Assessment, the current work aligning Early Learning through kindergarten. Please apply by September 29, 2015.
  • Committee Materials PDF   01/23/2015 (4.55 MB)
  • Committee Outcomes PDF   02/18/2015 (384.38 KB)
    In December 2014 through February 2015 the Kindergarten Content and Assessment Advisory Committee met to recommend refinements to the Early Literacy segments of the Kindergarten Assessment and to propose a new measure of Language Development. These recommendations will be field tested in 2015-16 in a random sample of Oregon classrooms. The Committee also developed recommendations for the interpretation of the Kindergarten Assessment results at the student, school, district, and hub levels and for the Spanish literacy segment. These recommendations were incorporated into the Report Overview that is posted to this page.

Related Resources

  • Preliminary 2016-17 Test Administration Manual Now Available
    ODE has posted the Preliminary 2016-17 Test Administration Manual to http://www.ode.state.or.us/go/tam. The Preliminary TAM contains all final policies for the 2016-17 Kindergarten Assessment administration (Section 10). For all other assessments, the preliminary manual describes anticipated policies. The Preliminary TAM also contains the 2016-17 Statewide Test Schedule (Appendix A).