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Indistar® District-Level Team Training-Salem

Douglas ESD (Douglas & Evergreen Rooms)
1871 NE Stephens Street
Roseburg, OR

Workshop Description:
ODE is using Indistar® for Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) submissions, beginning June 30, 2014. Using the Indistar® process to a) self-evaluate, b) plan and c) monitor that plan will eliminate unnecessary paperwork for districts by creating a more flexible process that addresses both state and federal planning requirements. Hands-on activities will have your district team discussing indicators, planning requirements and characteristics of effective planning. Teams will learn how to create a district improvement plan, a monitoring plan, implementation of the plan and how to communicate progress using a variety of reports within Indistar. For more information regarding CIP requirements, go to Continuous Improvement Planning.

Please bring a district team of 3-5 members representing the various roles of support for the district (e.g., superintendent, curriculum director, special programs including Title I, ELL, Educator Effectiveness, TAG, Special Education, IT).

Workshop Pre-Requisites (for both school and district-level trainings):
  1. 1. Bring at least 1 laptop computer and power strip per team. Additional computers and iPads may be used.
  2. So that your team can see what you are working on, any of the following should be done or brought:
    • Share screens with www.joinme.com.
    • Download Screenleap extension for Chrome/Gmail.
    • Bring a Projector.
    • Hunker down around a laptop!

    On-line registration is required. Click the following link to register for a site near you: http://www.ode.state.or.us/news/events/

    Note: A school-level Indistar® training is also being offered in the morning for staff working with school-level plans--including Schoolwide Plans. Staff interested in attending the morning, school-level training MUST indicate that within the on-line registration tool.
When: 1:00 PM  to 4:00 PM, Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Where: Douglas ESD
Douglas & Evergreen Rooms
1871 NE Stephens Street
Roseburg, OR
Contact(s): Stacie Ankrum Email    (503) 947-5633
Federal Systems - Office Specialist
Carla Wade Email    (503) 947-5631
Operations, Data & Planning - Ed. Specialist, Title I-A, Ed. Technology
9/10/13 1:00P  -  9/10/13 4:00P   Indistar® District Team Training--Fall 2013--Roseburg
Description: 12:45 PM: Sign-in
1:00 PM: Training Begins

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