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6/12/2014 9:48:00 AM
Updated - Kindergarten Assessment - Use of Title I, Title I-C Funds, and Title III - Supplement, not Supplant

We've recently been asked to provide clarification regarding the use of Title I, Title I-C funded staff, and Title III to administer the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment. Our partners in the ODE Instruction and Standards Unit and the Equity Unit provided the following guidance, which applies to schools operating as both targeted and school-wide programs (with updates on June 13, 2014):
  • School and/or district staff paid entirely with Title I, Title I-C funds, or Title III may not conduct the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment, as this activity is a requirement in state law. Title I, Title I-C staff, or Title III conducting the statewide assessment would be considered supplanting.
  • Staff partly funded by Title I, Title I-C, or Title III may conduct the assessment, as long as it is during their general fund assignment. This would be considered supplementing.

Please contact your Regional ESD Partner with any additional questions relating to supplement, not supplant.

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