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5/30/2014 8:55:00 AM
Guidance for Locating a Spanish Bilingual Assessor for the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment

The Early Spanish Literacy “Spanish Letter Names” measure included in the 2014-2015 Oregon Kindergarten Assessment is required to be administered to all identified Spanish-Speaking English Learners (ELs). This measure must be administered by a bilingual Spanish assessor who is trained and endorsed by the district in Spanish.

After schools and districts determine the number of identified Spanish-Speaking English Learners that need to be assessed within the school-imposed 6 week window, it will be necessary to locate a bilingual Spanish assessor. If there is a bilingual Spanish assessor within the school or district, contact that person to arrange dates and times for administration. If the local school district does not have a bilingual Spanish assessor on staff, contact your local ESD to explore resources available within the district and in nearby districts. If the local ESD is unable to secure the services of a bilingual Spanish assessor, the district can contact the Regional ESD Partner for assistance.

For guidance on how to identify a bilingual Spanish assessor as well as information on proper identification of a Spanish-Speaking English learner for the Kindergarten Assessment, please visit: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=4156.

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