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5/16/2014 11:23:00 AM
ELPA Batch 2 Reporting

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) changed several aspects of ELPA reporting procedures this year, including when student results appear in the Online Reporting System (ORS). Unlike previous years, student results appear in the ORS only after they are posted in Student-Centered staging. Some unexpected issues have arisen in light of this change:
  • Batch 2 results did not include approximately 1,000 ELPA tests started in January and completed in February. The full list was posted in the ORS on April 16. However, these records were not available in Student-Centered Staging. AIR sent the test records for these students to ODE and they were posted in Student-Centered Staging later that day.

  • AIR discovered on April 24 that when the additional batch 2 tests were sent to ODE on April 16, tests that were completed on February 28 were not included. These records were sent to ODE on April 24 for posting in Student-Centered Staging.

AIR and ODE are developing additional quality control processes to prevent similar issues when ELPA batch 3 is reported. For example, we will independently calculate and verify the number of records sent to ODE for posting in Student-Centered Staging. We will also check to make sure that the batch 3 results include tests started in January, February, and March, and that the records include tests completed on the last day of March. We appreciate your patience through this process as we adjust to ELPA reporting changes.

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