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1/15/2014 7:27:00 AM
Executive Numbered Memo 004-2013-14 - House Bill 2501 Transportation for Students in Day Treatment Programs

To: All School District Superintendents and Special Education Directors
From: Sarah Drinkwater, Assistant Superintendent, Office of Learning
Re: House Bill 2501 – Transportation for Students in Day Treatment Programs

House Bill 2501 amends ORS 343.961 with the language below to require school districts to provide transportation services to the eligible day treatment program when the student is receiving services.

(4) The school district where the student is a resident is responsible for providing transportation to a student enrolled in an eligible day treatment program. Transportation must be provided by the school district where the student is a resident each day the student is scheduled to receive services from the eligible day treatment program.

This was effective August 14, 2013. If the student is scheduled to receive services beyond the normal school year calendar, transportation is to be provided by the school district. “Approved transportation costs” are defined in ORS 327.006(2)(a), where transportation will be provided to children who meet the criteria of the below:

(A) Elementary school students who live at least one mile from school;
(B) Secondary school students who live at least 1.5 miles from school;
(C) Any student required to be transported for health or safety reasons, according to supplemental plans from districts that have been approved by the state board identifying students who are required to be transported for health or safety reasons, including special education;
(D) Preschool children with disabilities requiring transportation for early intervention services provided pursuant to ORS 343.224 and 343.533;
(E) Students who require payment of room and board in lieu of transportation;
(F) A student transported from one school or facility to another school or facility when the student attends both schools or facilities during the day or week; and
(G) Students participating in school-sponsored field trips that are extensions of classroom learning experiences.

The Oregon Department of Education is currently preparing to revise OAR 581-015-2574 to reflect the changes in the law. During the adoption process, interested individuals are welcome to provide written and verbal testimony.

For more information, see HB 2501-B at the following link: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Measures/Overview/HB2501

If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to contact Cherisse Loop, Educational Specialist, at cherisse.loop@state.or.us eMail or (503) 947-5776.
- end -
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