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12/5/2013 9:27:00 AM
Approving Students to Test

When approving students to test in the OAKS Online System, it is strongly recommended to carefully review individual student names and test settings before approving students to test. This practice can help to prevent improprieties such as giving students the wrong test, approving students to test without the appropriate test settings or embedded accommodations, and approving students who are not supposed to test. Before approving a student to test, the TA should ensure that the student is supposed to be testing in their test session; that the student is logging in to the correct test subject, grade, and test opportunity; and that the student has the appropriate test settings assigned, such as language and print size. While the system does provide an option to approve all students, ODE encourages TAs to use this feature with caution. The “approve all” option is most appropriate in instances where students are resuming a test session after a short break.

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