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10/4/2013 10:19:00 AM
Smarter Balanced Field Test: Districts Encouraged to Participate

In the spring (mid-March to early June) of 2014, Smarter Balanced will conduct the Field Test of its innovative next-generation assessments. Schools in Oregon have the opportunity to participate in and experience an assessment that is closely aligned with the content, configuration, and length of the planned 2015 operational assessments.

Districts are strongly encouraged to volunteer for the Smarter Balanced Field Test (SBFT). Under current circumstances, Oregon districts that volunteer and are selected to participate in the SBFT must use the traditional model and double test those students taking the SBFT on OAKS. If a pending recommendation is approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) and USED approves Oregon's waiver request, districts might receive flexibility to either choose to administer the OAKS assessment to students participating in the SBFT or they could choose to exclude those students tested on the SBFT from taking OAKS. However, if the SBE disagrees with this decision or the USED does not approve the waiver, then all volunteer districts selected to participate must double test those students involved in the SBFT and the OAKS, as is currently the case. While the traditional model provides consistent data, it also requires double-testing for a portion of students.

Additional information about the Smarter Balanced Field Test can be accessed at http://www.ode.state.or.us/wma/teachlearn/commoncore/smarter-balanced_fieldtest.pdf PDF.

To submit your interest in participating in the 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test, click on this link: http://www.formstack.com/forms/fieldtest-recruitment.

Please submit your interest by October 15, 2013.

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