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10/10/2013 8:42:00 AM
Achievement Compact Data Not Suppressed

The Disaggregated reports provided by the Achievement Compact Application from ODE contain unsuppressed data that could inadvertently reveal personal information about students, resulting in a FERPA violation. Accordingly, we ask that you not publicly distribute the Disaggregated report unless you have analyzed it and determined that it would not reveal personal information about any student.

Although there will not be a suppressed version of the PDFs, ODE will be providing a media file with suppressed disaggregated data that will be posted on the OEIB Web site October 29 along with the aggregate-level achievement compacts. Please note that targets need not be set for cell sizes of less than 6 students. Since the Achievement Compact Application requires a numeric entry, enter 100 as a placeholder where a target is not required.

For more information on Achievement Compacts:

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