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9/13/2013 9:35:00 AM
Supplemental Report Card Data Validation Window
Supplemental Report Card Validation: The validation period runs from September 12 through September 23, 2013. The validation period is designed to allow districts and schools to revise and resubmit the customized form (spreadsheet) for the Supplemental Report Card Data collection. This is the last chance for quality assurance before the report cards are made public.

Summary Report Card Resubmission Process: To submit revised data for the Supplemental Report Card Data collection, enter changes in your original form (spreadsheet) and resubmit following the same process as the initial submission. Include the letter and curriculum sections in both Spanish and English, as well as the On Track data.

Important Reminders:

• Submission of the revised form (spreadsheet) will replace the original submission in its entirety.

• Do not alter the spreadsheet form in any way including unlocking or altering character limits.

• Text fields that exceed the maximum character limit will be truncated at the specified character count.

• Spaces and line breaks are included in the character limits.

• Please make sure to submit Spanish translations that capture the meaning of the English version within the character limits.

• Submit only the name and degree (if applicable) in the superintendent/principal name field. Official titles such as Head Teacher or Director (where they apply) will be inserted by ODE.

• Freshmen on Track data must be reported as counts.

• All Freshman on Track counts should be submitted. ODE will handle the suppression.

• Submit Freshmen on Track total counts for the 2010-11, 2011-12 and all subgroup counts for the 2012-13 year.

If you have questions regarding this, please contact Drew Hinds at: drew.hinds@state.or.us

For more on the School Report Card Redesign visit: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=3942.

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