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4/2/2013 7:33:00 AM
Executive Numbered Memo: 010-2012-13 – OAR 581-022-2130 - Kindergarten Assessment

To: District and ESD Superintendents
From: Rob Saxton, Deputy Superintendent
RE: Oregon Kindergarten Assessment: OAR 581-022-2130

On March 8, 2013 the State Board of Education adopted OAR 581-022-2130 MS-Word which directs all school districts to administer the Oregon Kindergarten Assessment to students enrolled in kindergarten beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.

The state of Oregon has set an ambitious goal – 100% high school completion by 2025, with the vast majority of students going on to college or workforce training. To make progress toward this goal, and prepare all students for college, career, and citizenship, we must support students and their families from early childhood through higher education. This begins with ensuring students get a strong educational start and enter school ready to learn.

In 2012, the Legislature directed the Early Learning Council and the Department of Education to jointly develop a kindergarten assessment. The Department of Education and the Early Learning Council developed and piloted the kindergarten assessment in fall 2012 and will begin implementing the operational assessment statewide in fall 2013. At the state level, this assessment will provide information to help answer the following questions:
  • Are Oregon’s children (as a population) arriving at kindergarten ready to learn?
  • Is their level of school readiness improving or declining over time?
  • Are there disparities (geographical, cultural, racial, and socio-economic) between groups of children that must be addressed?
  • Are there particular areas of school readiness that Oregon must target?
At the student level, the assessment is designed to provide parents and teachers with a common understanding of what children know and are able to do upon entering kindergarten. This type of information can help teachers target instruction to meet students’ individual learning needs.

We know achievement gaps start early, generally before students even enter kindergarten, and that schools are most successful at closing these gaps when they are addressed early. The results of the statewide kindergarten assessment will be used to better prepare students for success in kindergarten and beyond. It will not be used to determine whether a child is eligible for entry or access to any public kindergarten.

The kindergarten assessment includes measures in the domains of early literacy, early math, social-emotional, approaches to learning, and self-regulation. It will be administered within the first six weeks of kindergarten with data reported to the Department of Education through ODE’s Consolidated Collections. For the 2013-14 school year, districts will include participation rates for the kindergarten assessment in their Achievement Compacts.

  • Mid-April 2013 – Kindergarten assessment webpage launched
  • Mid-April 2013 – Kindergarten assessment measures finalized
  • May & early August 2013 – Kindergarten assessment training for schools and districts
  • Early August 2013 – Launch kindergarten assessment statewide
If you have additional questions, please contact Kara Williams at kara.williams@state.or.us eMail.
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Contact(s) for this Announcement
  • Kara Williams Email    (503) 947-5728
    Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education - Early Education to K-3 – Education Specialist
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