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2/27/2013 12:28:00 PM
ELPA Font Study for K-1 Students Is In Progress

The new font study for the ELPA K-1 grade band debuted in January. This font study is a result of requests from the field to explore a Denealian font (like Century Gothic in the chart below) for students in the earliest grades, to more closely match the print style that Kindergarten and 1st grade students experience in the classroom. Working with the test vendor, American Institutes for Research (AIR), ODE chose the “Century Gothic” font for the font study. AIR programmed the K-1 ELPA to administer the font study every other week throughout the ELPA testing window. Students are randomly selected based on the week that they first sign in and begin their tests. Segment 1 of the ELPA consists of the listening, reading and writing domains. During Segment 1 of the K-1 ELPA, students participating in the study will be administered a set of items in the current ELPA font, then a few items in the Century Gothic font, then the test reverts to the current font for final items for Segment 1. Students not participating in the study will not see the Century Gothic font items. The switch to and from the new font can be quite noticeable, as it is a subset of the Segment 1 items, but no additional TA approval is required. As usual students will be able to review all Segment 1 items prior to submitting the segment. Once Segment 1 is submitted, no changes can be made. Segment 2, comprised of the speaking domain, begins with a separate TA approval. Here are examples of the current font and the font that is being studied:

Current font 12 pt:
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

K-1 Font Study Century Gothic font 12 pt:
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

The font study began when the ELPA window opened in January and will continue through April 30, 2013, when the ELPA window closes. Once all batches of ELPAs are scored for 2012-13, the study results will be analyzed, and if a positive impact is found, it is anticipated that the K-1 font will be changed to Century Gothic beginning in 2013-14.

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