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1/25/2012 5:23:00 PM
ESEA Flexibility Waiver Request Submitted January 23

Oregon's ESEA Waiver Request has been submitted to the US Department of Education. If the waiver is approved, then the existing AYP reporting and associated school improvement list would no longer be produced. In its place would be a revised report card and a list of schools identified as possibly being in need of supports and/or intervention (priority and focus schools) or as being exemplary and worthy of emulation (model schools). The waiver calls for a redesigned report card starting 2012-13, which is still in the development stage. The design of this new report card will involve input from various stakeholders and technical experts. The report card for 2011-12 would be essentially the existing one with just a few changes:
  1. It would not contain information on AYP.
  2. High school ratings would use a target graduation rate that is two percent higher than that used for 2010-11.
  3. It would state whether the school has been designated as a priority, focus, or model school.
  4. The achievement index would award the same number of points regardless of whether a student Met or Exceeded on OAKS testing.

The elimination of the extra weight for Exceeds is planned regardless of whether the waiver is approved or not. Approval of the waiver could occur as early as this spring, although it could end up being more toward the end of the school year. Meanwhile, the collection and validation of assessment data will follow the usual process, since these data will be needed whether or not the waiver is approved. For more information and the waiver application itself, please go to: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=3475.

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