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9/27/2010 8:40:00 PM
Revised ESD Estimates for 2010-11 as of September 27, 2010
Click Revised ESD Estimates for 2010-11 as of September 27, 2010 PDF to view the report. This SSF estimate accounts for the Governor's recommended September allotment reduction of $155,133,366, an additional $3,492,043 reduction to the "Trigger," add back of $117,949,095 in federal Ed Jobs limitation, a $7,000,000 add back from the September 2010 Eboard, and a $33,676,314 add back commitment to backfill the remaining allotment reduction. PLEASE NOTE: This estimate does not include ARRA SFSF or Ed Jobs funds. Please see the first page of the school districts estimates, or the Assumptions page, to review accounting. I will be accounting for SFSF and Ed Jobs funds in a separate round of estimates and those funds will be made available in the Electronic Grant Management System (EGMS) in October.
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