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6/25/2008 3:55:00 PM
AYP Pre-Preliminary Report and Report Card Details

Attendance reported on the Pre-Preliminary versions of AYP & Report Card Details are from the Annual ADM collection if submitted, otherwise, the 2nd Quarter ADM is used during the Pre-Preliminary review. The Preliminary AYP report that will be released to the public on August 4 will reflect the Annual ADM collection, which closes on July 15.

The Combined Graduation is calculated as the weighted average of enrollment times the graduation rate for each year. The graduation rate equals graduates divided by graduates plus dropouts. Enrollment includes grades 9 - 12 from the Spring Membership collection for each applicable year.

Writing tests taken during the Spring window have not yet been loaded and have not yet been included in the Performance data (page 1) and Participation data (page 4) counts on the Report Card Details report.

Subgroups are reported based on Spring Membership and LEP collections. LEP subgroup counts include LEP students who were exited in the last two years and were submitted in the 05-06 and 06-07 LEP collections with LEP exit dates.

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