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6/10/2008 1:00:00 PM
Automated Oregon School Directory Will Provide Year Round Up-To-Date Information
What is changing:
In order to consolidate data, conserve resources and provide a more up-to-date and effective document, ODE is automating the Oregon School Directory. Starting in 2008-09, we will no longer produce a hardcopy of the directory.

All directory information will be extracted from the Institutions Database, and persons wishing to have a printed version of a school directory may download information and print copies locally.

Printing directory information annually is no longer the most effective or accurate way to share this information. School information changes frequently and the new, automated directory will provide the most current and reliable information on Oregon schools in a document that adapts immediately to reflect changes.

What this means:
* The directory will still be available on the ODE website in the same downloadable PDF format as before.
* You and your staff will now have continuous access to the most current directory information, updated throughout the year.
* Changes you submit will be reflected in the online version within 30 days of submission (usually much sooner).
* You will be able to print just the sections of the directory used by you and your staff, reducing paper usage and saving money.

What we need from you:
While you will now be able to submit changes throughout the year, we will still do an annual request for changes. We will email a change submission form and a copy of the automated directory (in PDF form), during the first week in August so that you can let us know all changes to last year’s information.

If you have questions or concerns about the transition to the automated directory, contact Crystal Weber at 503-947-5650.
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