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6/4/2008 10:27:00 AM
Changes in AYP Determinations for 2007-08
Changes in Academic Status and AYP determination
Schools and districts can meet AYP based on the current year alone or an average of two years. Specifically:
  • ODE will calculate AYP for the overall school/district for each subgroup first based on an average of two years of data when there are a sufficient number of tests. If two years of data does not provide a sufficient number of tests for the overall school/district, ODE will use up to four years of data.
  • In addition, if an overall school/district or subgroup is determined to have in the current year a minimum of 21 scores, and does not meet AYP via the 2 or 4 year average years, ODE will calculate AYP based on the most recent year of test data. However, in these circumstances, ODE will use the margin of error established for the two years of data to ensure that the rigor of AYP determinations is not reduced.

Changes in Academic Performance Targets
For any school or subgroup within a school to be designated as meeting AYP, the percentage of assessments in each content area meeting state standards plus the margin of error must exceed the state’s academic target. All subgroups must meet the performance target of 60% for Reading and 59% for Mathematics.

More information is available in the AYP Policy and Technical Manual at http://www.ode.state.or.us/initiatives/nclb/pdfs/aypmanual0708.pdf PDF.

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