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Program Resources and Data

Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation Data
Data Collected On Date Posted Excel File Excel Spreadsheet PDF File PDF  Document
October 2005 March 2006 Excel File PDF File
October 2004 May 2005 Excel File PDF File
October 2003 May 2004 Excel File PDF File
October 2002 March 2003 Excel File PDF File
October 2001 February 2002 Excel File PDF File
October 2000 February 2001 Excel File PDF File
October 1999 February 2000 Excel File PDF File

Discount Matrix
How to Calculate Your e-Rate Discount  External Link
e-Rate Awards to ESDs, School Districts, and Libraries  External Link
FY 2004 Awards
All Waves 2004  PDF  Document (3/03/05)
FY 2003
All Waves 2003  PDF  Document (3/03/05)
Earlier e-Rate Awards External Link
FY 2002 Awards
FY 2001 Awards
FY 2000 Awards
FY 1999 Awards
FY 1998 Awards
Entity Numbers  External Link
Eligible Public Institutions
Education Institutions
Public Libraries Link  PDF  Document  External Link
Charter Schools Link
Ordering Services From State Master Contracts or Billing Inquiries
        Department of Administrative Services
        Information Resources Management Division
        Network Information Center
        955 Center Street NE, U510
        Salem, OR 97301-2558
        (503) 378-8642
        nic@state.or.us  nic@state.or.us

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