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  • General Guidance for HB 4150
    The 2014 Legislature passed HB 4150 . HB 4150 makes changes to HB 2220 which was passed in the 2011 legislative session. The purpose of this memo is to provide general guidance to districts before the end of the school year on the changes to grading, re...
  • Initial Interest Survey for School Support Teams
    The Oregon Department of Education School Improvement Group is now accepting Initial Interest Surveys from education professionals who would like to be considered as candidates to serve on School Support Teams during the 2014-2015 school year. This crit...
  • Upcoming Technical Assistance Webinar for Early Learning Professional Development Grant April 23
    Salem, OR - April 22, 2014 - Technical Assistance Webinar for the Professional Development Grant taking place April 23rd: ------------------------------------------------------- Meeting information -------------------------------------------------------...
  • STEM Lab School Grant Recipients
    Salem, OR - April 22, 2014 - Congratulations to the recipients of the STEM Lab School Grant! The grant review team evaluated a total of 6 grant proposals. The proposals were reviewed by a highly diverse committee of seven individuals with expertise in S...
  • Executive Numbered Memorandum 008-2013-14 - Modified and Extended Diplomas – Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid
    To: Superintendents, Principals, and Counselors From: Sarah Drinkwater, Assistant Superintendent, Office of Learning Re: Modified and Extended Diplomas – Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid Summary In 2009, Oregon received guidance from the U.S. Depar...
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