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  2013-2014 Approved CTE Program Listing for:  Wilson High School
Program Title:   Graphic Design
Learning Area:   Arts, Information and Communications
Credits to Complete Program:  
2   Approved Until:   6/30/2016
CIP Code:   50.0401 Design and Visual Communications, General.
Teacher CTE License:   Visual, Performing and Media Arts (CTE)
Course Number NCES Code Group Number Course Name Credits Skill Level Required, Optional Course Type Postsecondary
11153W1; 11153W2 05162   Digital Media - Web Design 1-2
1 Introductory Optional General Education  
111531 05162   Digital Media Design and Production I-II
1 Introductory Required Technical Skill Based  
111532 05162   Digital Media Design and Production III-IV
1 Intermediate Required Technical Skill Based PCC 

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